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Social Media for Hairdressers book

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The vast majority of people who can afford your services are active online.

And most of them are using social media.

So, it just won’t wash to say “social media doesn’t matter to my business.”

Not even with lavender-scented tea tree oil shampoo.


This SalonMonster E-book is for you if you’ve ever thought:

Social media won’t make a difference to my business.


I know social media is important, but I’m a hairdresser, not a computer geek.


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In this book you will learn:

What social media can do for your business

How to get involved in social media conversations

Ways to build trust in your business online

Techniques to engage clients and build an online following

Tips to leverage the power of images in your posts and marketing

How to Build positive online relationships (no we’re not talking about dating)

Ways to find and connect with others who share your interests

How to take your new found social media skills to the next level