3 Simple Ways to Make Your Domain Name Easier to Read

Websites have become an important part of modern businesses communication and marketing, no big news flash there.  However, an integral part of getting people to your Website, how you present your domain name, is often overlooked.

Domain names are the gateway to your Website and it’s important to think about how you present your domain when you write it.  With short modern-day attention spans we only have a few seconds to get across our message, so it pays to do everything we can to make our domain names quick and easy to read and remember at a glance.  Thankfully there are several easy tips we follow to help with this:


Tip 1: Capitalize the first letter of each word in your domain

It’s not uncommon to see a domain name written in all lowercase text.  This results in a long string of characters with no visual definition to the words.  Kind of hard to read isn’t it:


One of the best ways to quickly improve the legibility is to capitalize each word of your domain.  This offers some visual definition to each word so that it can be easily scanned.  Our eyes can easily recognize the shapes of words when their start is identified by a capital letter:


Much better!


Tip 2: Remove the “www” from the front

We can improve the legibility even more by removing the “www” from the front.  A lot of people don’t realize that most Websites don’t require you to type the “www” at the beginning of a domain to view it.  Make sure you check that your domain works without the “www” before you do this.  If it doesn’t work you can always ask your host to fix it for you so it does.



Tip 3: Use a an easy to read font

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important to make sure you write your domain name in an easy to read font.  It’s not uncommon for companies to use a fun, interesting font for their logo, some of which are cool, but really hard to read (On a side note I would recommend using a legible font for your logo).  Many will write their domain name in this font as well, which can make it really hard for users to remember the address at a glance.  If your logo is easy to read don’t worry, but if you are using a font that is a little harder to read it can often pay to write your domain name separately in a more legible font.  Compare the two options and see which you can remember at a glance:




By using these simple tips you can make it easier for existing and potential clients to get to your Website.  I hope you find them helpful.


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