New Aesop Signature Store in San Francisco

For those lucky enough to live in San Francisco, you’ve just been gifted a new signature Aesop store on Fillmore Street.

Aesop is an Australian based company that creates glorious skin and haircare products and has a knack for cutting edge store design.

This new shop was created by Boston architects NADAAA.

The product shelving was created using reclaimed wood boards that were then turned into beautiful made to measure timber boxes to hold all the lovely Aesop goodies.

Since the store space is rather narrow, the architects decided to keep all the product displayed on one wall while allowing customers to still have room to move through the shop.

The walls and table are lined with cork which adds another nice natural layer to the space.

I have my fingers crossed that one day Vancouver will get it’s own Aesop store as well!


Photos: Dezeen


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