Pricing options

salonMonster now supports both fixed pricing and prices “starting at” a dollar amount.

Previously all prices were listed as “starting at”, but now you can set them to be a specific price.

You can change this setting under the your services tab.  Here you will see services listed with their prices:

In this example we have one haircut price set to a fixed price, and the other to be “starting at”.  To edit this setting click on the edit/delete link beside the service you want to change.

On this page you can either set the price to be “starting at” by checking the checkbox (this is the default setting):

Or to fixed pricing by deselecting the checkbox:

On the client side they will see the pricing like this:

In this example we have set the Men’s Haircut to be “starting at” $45, while the Women’s has a fixed price of $60.

We hope you enjoy this new option.


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