20 Questions with Misty

This segment of 20 Questions is from Misty Spencer of Organic Hair by Misty.

Who am I?

Who am I? Well I’m Misty, a happily married lady with three young kids. I work double duty, caring for my kids during the day, and making people pretty in the evenings. I’ve been a hairstylist for 11 years in both Texas and New York. The last 5 years I’ve devoted my business to organic, non-toxic hairstyling. I love to bring out the natural beauty in each individual. I aim to inspire people to look, feel and be their very best.

What did you want to be as a kid when you grew up?

It’s funny…my mom always told me I had natural talent to be a hair stylist and I always said she was crazy. I wanted to be an interior designer and actually went to college for that very degree. I dropped out my last year and went to beauty school. I guess she was right 🙂

Least favourite hair tool?

It’s not so much a specific tool…but anything that has a CORD. Ugh. I hate cords. They make my life miserable. Why oh why can’t someone make styling tools without cords?

What book are you currently reading?

Domino: The Book of Decorating. Although I chose hairstyling, I never abandoned my love of interior design.

Favourite drink?

I’ve recently fallen in love with Jasmine’s Daiquiri. My favorite neighborhood watering hole specializes in pre-Prohibition era cocktails and there is always something to delight the palate!

Worst haircut you ever had?

In the 8th grade I had hair half-way down my back but had big chunks of hair cut short around my face to “feather” out into my poorly permed locks. Yeah, I was cool.

What service will you never do again?

Perms. I love curly hair more than most people but I just won’t give you a perm. Most people have some natural texture if given the right products and styling know-how…and it always looks better than artificial curl.

Funniest salon name you’ve ever heard?

Well our salon is The Salon Upstairs. But we aren’t upstairs.

Favourite thing to eat at work?

Eat at work? Who actually does that? I want your schedule!

Best food joint near your salon?

Jesus Restaurant. It’s a total dive with the best spicy BBQ tacos you’ll ever eat.

Most inspiring magazine(s) for style?

I love W magazine. Beautiful imagery. Fashion-forward style. The sheer size of the magazine makes it even better.

What are your thoughts on the move to less toxic hair products?

I’ve been passionate about getting rid of toxic products in the salon for five years. I got the idea while living in New York but became passionate after much research, coupled with the sheer number of people close to me being diagnosed with cancer. I believe it’s up to us to protect future generations.

Best way to get rid of a difficult client?

Kindly tell them they would be better suited with another stylist who could better understand their wishes. Or just cancel their appointment last minute every time. Just kidding :).

Best business tip someone shared with you?

Make your schedule and stick to it or clients will determine your schedule for you. I am flexible if I absolutely must be, but my time off is time I spend with my family and that’s sacred to me.

Worst injury witnessed in a salon?

The salon owner actually cut a portion of a guy’s ear off. She commemorated the tragedy by tattooing the incident on her forearm to be remembered and seen by everyone…forever.

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee. I know it’s practically sacrilegious to be a Texan and not drink tea but I hate the stuff.

Favourite thing about hair shows?

The energy. I wish I could bottle up the thumping music and fashion and crazy and sell it as an energy drink. I’d be rich.

Wedding hair, love it or hate it?

If you would have asked me this question ten years ago I would have said I hate it. Too much pressure. Now I have great confidence in my styling and have made a name for myself doing on location styling for entire wedding parties. It’s an integral part of what I do.

Toxic vs non-toxic hair services?

Non-toxic all the way. When you pose the question that way, how can you answer otherwise?

Favourite current celebrity hair style?

Zooey Deschanel. I still love bangs and loose curls.

Favourite thing about your salon’s neighbourhood?

It’s an up-and-coming neighborhood that will eventually connect a trendy area with downtown. We will be in the heart and soul of it all.


Thank so much Misty for participating in our 20 Questions!


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