A peek inside the house of Frank Valvo from Fur Hairdressing

We love the Website The Selby is in Your Place and the beautiful homes that they show.  It is always so interesting to get to take a peek into the homes of some of the worlds most creative people and the environment they like to surround themselves with.  We were especially excited this week when they posted photos of the home of Frank Valvo, the man behind the fantastic Fur Hairdressing in Melbourne, Australia.

© The Selby

His house is packed full of wonderful items of inspiration and you really get a feel for amazing his creative spirit.  And you’ve got to love anyone who can rock a housecoat like that!

© The Selby

Check out the full collection of photos at TheSelby.com and more info on the wonderful Fur Hairdressing on their Website.  I’ve always wanted to go to Melbourne and when I finally make it there I will definitely be stopping by Fur.


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