How clean is your washroom?

How clean is your washroom?

I love scoping out new places to eat. So, last week I was excited to meet some friends for dinner at a restaurant I’d really been wanting to try. It was a great night out with close friends and good food. The meal was delicious and I really enjoyed myself — until I went into the washroom.  I just about threw up, it was so disgusting!  If this was their approach to sanitation, how clean could their kitchen be? How safe was my food? One thing’s for sure: despite some great eats I won’t be going back there anytime soon.

This got me thinking. They’d focussed so hard on making great food that they’d forgotten about the overall experience of their customers.  All the cooking skills in the world couldn’t get rid of the bad impression I got from their lack of hygiene.  All that good work undone by not taking a few minutes to clean a washroom!

Is this ever a problem in your salon? Remember, clients aren’t coming to you just for a haircut, color or manicure, they’re looking for an experience. Take the time to notice all the surfaces and details a client comes in contact with in your salon that can create a lousy impression. A simple lack of hygiene can turn clients off. They’re not going to tell you, they’re just not going to come back.


Check out your salon for these red flags that can scare clients away:

  • Are clients greeted promptly and courteously? No one likes being ignored.
  • Is your waiting area clean and tidy and your magazines up to date?  Yeah, I’m talking about that Us Weekly from 2 years back that’s still sitting there.
  • Are your floors clean, including under counters and chairs? You might not spot this from your usual perches, so make sure you sit down in your chair and check out the view from your client’s perspective.
  • Do you regularly clean and sanitize your tools?  Not just once a week, but after every client? No one wants to see someone else’s hair on a brush, it’s disgusting.
  • Do you reuse a tool you’ve just dropped on the floor?  You wouldn’t hand a dinner guest a fork you just dropped on the ground, so get a clean comb.
  • Do you wash your hands? Clients notice. It’s simple, safe and only takes 30 seconds. Just do it.
  • How clean are your sinks?  That floating island of hair is gross.
  • Do you keep your washrooms clean and well-stocked? Check them often to make sure they don’t undermine all that great work you do with your clients.


I know, cleaning isn’t the most fun part of your week, but without it all your hard work, skills and training can be for nothing. Take the time to give your clients the best possible overall experience and they’ll reward you with their loyalty and business.



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