Mobile Card Reader Comes to Canada

Intuit, makers of the popular small business accounting software QuickBooks, has just announced that they will be rolling out there mobile payment system called GoPayment in Canada. They have been available in the US for the past two years but now feel it is time to enter the International market. And what better way to do so than to try Canada on for size. We here at salonMonster HQ are very excited due to being in Canada.

The GoPayment card reader attaches to any iOS, Android or Blackberry smart phone through the audio jack. You then download their App and then just swipe and go! How easy is that. We will be getting one as soon as we can and report back on it. Have you tried any mobile card readers? Let us know in the comments if you have.

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  1. Marc wrote:

    Still can’t understand why Jack Dorsey’s Square is taking so long to hit Canada… but this whole “anybody can be a merchant with their phone” trend is awesome. Credit Card Providers have traditionally had this pretty locked down. Really difficult vetting process to push through credit cards.

    I really like the idea of NFC payments, something where two people meet in person and have a “handshake” with their phones. A requests a payment, B provides a credit card, A processes the card, B gets a message on their mobile to authenticate the payment request, B approves and A gets a confirmation that it’s a done deal. It doesn’t need to take longer than 15-30 seconds, but then anybody could do this.

    But this would be *amazing* if you just set up a salon chair in the middle of a street that’s been closed off for a city fair. “Hello. Sit down and have a haircut.” No infrastructure necessary.

  2. stephen wrote:

    It’s unfortunate how being a smaller market means it takes so long for us to get some products. The companies just don’t want to put the effort in.

    Love the idea of being able to set up a chair anywhere and just cutting … too cool

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