My Favourite Nail Decals on Etsy!

I love Etsy! Every time I’m on their site I find amazing and unique goodies. My latest obsession is nail decals.

There are so many amazing and fun designs on the site to choose from, it’s endless! Here are my current favourites:


Bunting flag nail art

Bunting Flag Nail Decals made by IHeartNailArt


Black Chevron Vinyl Nail Decal

Black Chevron Nail Decal made by Long Changed


Arrow Nail Decal

Arrow Nail Decals made by Munchies Mama


Boat Decals

Boat Nail Decals made by IHeartNailArt


Black Bow Nail Decals

Black Bow Tie Nail Decals made by NailThins


Diamond Nails

Diamond Nail Decals made by Z Line Nails


Mini Anchor Nail Decor

Mini Anchor Nail Decal made by NailThins


Tetris Nail Decal

Tetris Nail Decals made by IHeartNailArt


Mustache Nail Decals

Mustache Nail Decals made by MakeItStickDesigns


teeny tiny karate guys nail art

Teeny Tiny Karate Guys Nail Decals made by IHeartNailArt


Photos: Etsy


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