Scissor Rolex by Dr Romanelli for Bamford Watch Department.

If you’ve got a bit of change to spare and would like a unique way to show off your profession then check out this amazing customized Rolex by Dr Romanelli for Bamford Watch Department.

They’ve taken a classsic Rolex Milgauss and updated it with scissors for hands a great lightning bolt second hand.  So simple, but so punchy.


Dr Romanelli is an LA based designer renowned for his collaborations with existing brands such as Converse, Levis, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Fraggle Rock, Nike and Dunhill.

There is a great interview with Bamford and Romanelli about their collaboration over at Hype Beast.



Originally hailing from the antipodes, Stephen has a long standing interest in the design and beauty industry.When not in front of the computer Stephen can be found running with the bears on the mountain trails around Vancouver Island.

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