Earn Big with salonMonster’s Referral Program

This is your chance to earn extra money every month simply by referring customers to our award-winning salon management app. You already love using salonMonster, and now you can make money by sharing it with your friends.

How It Works

1. Refer Friends: Tell your friends about salonMonster and how it can help them manage their beauty business effortlessly. Share your unique referral link with them.

2. They Sign Up: When your friends sign up and become paid users of salonMonster using your referral link, you start earning!

3. Get Paid: Choose from three referral program options and watch your earnings grow. Payments are made after 35 days, ensuring a smooth and secure process.

We offer three referral program options:

Friends of salonMonster Canada:

Earn $100 for each paid signup you refer.

Payment made after 35 days.

Friends of salonMonster USA:

Earn $100 for each paid signup you refer.

Payment made after 35 days.

salonMonster Revenue Sharing:

Earn 30% of the new signup’s subscription cost for one year, paid out monthly.

Our subscriptions range from $25 – $130/month so you can earn up to $468 per referral!

Why Join?

High Earnings Potential: Make up to $468 for a single customer referral.

Simple and Easy: Share your unique referral link with friends and colleagues.

Support Your Community: Help fellow salon and beauty professionals discover a tool that can transform their business.

Ready to Start Earning?

Join the salonMonster Referral Program today and start turning your recommendations into real cash. Sign up now using one of the buttons above and get your unique referral link to start sharing the love and the wealth!

For any questions or additional support, feel free to contact our team. We’re here to help you succeed and maximize your earnings.