24 hour hair

Photograph courtesy of Auchard

I came across an article in Look Magazine recently about the first salon in the UK to open 24 hours.  One of London’s top salons, Neil Cornelius’ 1st Floor Salon, started opening for 24hrs every Thursday after popular demand for after-hours appointments.

I can really see the draw of this in larger cities where there is a big enough population to support it.  This got me thinking, do we have any 24 hour salons in North America?  It turns out we do, but not many as far as I can tell.  A quick google search turned up a couple of interest:

Hair Party 24 hr – New York (and Seoul, Korea)

Red Carpet Hair Design – Atlanta

Some other salons that aren’t truly 24 hours, but which focus on the late night crowd are:

The Beauty Bar, which is open 5pm – 4am oe weekdays and 7pm – 4am on weekends.  They also offer Martini’s which is a major plus in my book.  They have locations in NY, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, Austin, Brooklyn, Portland, Chicago, Denver and Dallas.

Red Market, which is open from 2pm – 12am and has salons in NYC and Miami.


Do you know of any other 24 hour salons in North America?  Have you had any experience working in a 24 hour salon?  We’d love to hear about it.


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