Hairdressing Industry Podcasts: Round #4

Hair industry podcasts

Pop in your earbuds because we’ve got another top-tiered list of hairdressing industry podcasts — this time, all women. Get ready to up your game with insider secrets for success and personal growth, tips for career moves, mindset motivation, and savvy industry info. Ready, set, listen!

1. 10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast 

Lexi Lomax doesn’t fool around. Through insightful interviews of industry leaders, she delivers simple strategies you can implement in less than 10 minutes to “improve your biz, grow your revenue and achieve your goals right NOW.” A quick and easy listen that leads to action, just how we like it! 

10 Minute Beauty Business Podcast

2. The Beauty Solopreneur

This podcast BY and FOR independent beauty pros empowers solopreneurs with practical guidance on business development and personal growth. Hosted by Independent Beauty Pro’s founder Lynzie Smith, it covers everything from the power of manifestation to contracts, trademarks and copyright law. Listen in if you want to connect with a community of independent hair stylists, barbers, makeup artists, manicurists, estheticians, educators and coaches who are all about supporting beauty solopreneurs.

The Beauty Solopreneur

3. Hairstylist Rising 

This podcast sets you up for your next career move with inspiration from hairstylists, salon owners, suite stylists, business coaches, independent educators, brand educators, and more. Host Jodie Brown also offers mini trainings in mindful marketing to help you achieve ultimate fulfillment in your career and life. Tune in for a wealth of information.

The Hairstylist Rising

4. She Makes Waves 

Lindsay Mayuga brings you juicy episodes with creative women who are making waves in their business. Lindsay covers everything a hairstylist needs to know, including “beauty, boundaries, business, and babies.” Dive into the deep end with her guests and hook that motivation you need to take the next leap forward. 

She Makes Waves

We’ve got SO many more recommendations when it comes to beauty biz leaders bringing you top talks. Follow along as we continue to share more game-changing hairdressing industry podcasts. 

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