My top five albums of 2012 to play in the salon

Since the year is coming to a close, I thought I’d throw my “best of” list into the ring!

Music is a very big part of setting the tone of your business so here are my top five favourite albums of 2012 to play in the salon.

I’m usually into happy music with good electronic beats but every now and then it’s nice to throw on something a little darker and melancholy when you feel like easing yourself into the work day – so I’ve included a little of both in my list.


5. The xx “Coexist”


4. Alt-J “An Awesome Wave”


3. Twin Shadow “Confess”


2. Ben Howard “Every Kingdom”


1. Tanlines “Mixed Emotions”


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  1. nathan!No Gravatar wrote:

    hilarious! when you were talking about this last night, i was all “Yes of course I know what you’re talking about!” but aparently not because this is the first I’m seeing this post. Great music choices!! Also, I LOVE THIS BLOG. Gotta say it again. xoxo

  2. nathan!No Gravatar wrote:

    have you seen this one: ?? so good :D:D:D

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