Salon carts and trolleys! 

Salon Carts and Trolleys that we consider top options!

A good salon cart is a vital part of every stylist’s workspace. Not only is it a home base for all your tools, it can be a great way to show off your personality and style. Have fun with it! You’ll be using your cart day in and day out, so it’s worth taking some time to find one that suits your needs and fits your style.

Features that make a good trolley:

  • Easy to move — our favourite trick is to swap out the wheels for rollerblade wheels
  • Space to put yer stuff — you can add your own containers/jars for your tools
  • Nothing too top heavy — you want it to be stable
  • It reflects your style — as Marie Kondo would say, go for something that “sparks joy” 

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What’s the best size — Is it the right height for ME? Does it need to fold up or fit under or between something? 
  • Do I prefer open or closed storage? 
  • What am I using it for? Is it just for applying colour, or is it my one storage trolley where I stash all my secrets?
  • How big are the drawers? — Do they fit what I’m storing? (Hint: always start by measuring what you want to store)

Have a look at these great options for your salon:

Ikea Raskog Trolley by Ikea

A favourite budget choice

D-Galley Wagon Type S by Takara Belmont 

Sleek metal styling

Table Set No. 4 / Chrome by Frizo

Sticky magnetic magic

Flow Trolley by normal studio

Architect chic

Boden by article

Handsome teak and aluminum

Longday Bar Cart by Blu Dot

Big-wheeled beauty

Bellwood Bar & Serving Cart by Umbra

Two-toned wood with rubber-trimmed wheels

Helix 16.81” Wide Bar Cart by Novogratz

Brassy beauty

Holly and Martin Zhori Midcentury Modern Bar Cart, Dark Tobacco with Aged Brass by Walmart

Mid-century modern

Laurence 30” Wide Bar Cart by Zipcode Design

Streamlined modern

Thales 32.17” Wide Bar Cart with Wine Bottle Storage by Mercury Row

Industrial chic

Strachan 29.94” Wide Bar Cart by Williston Forge

Wonderful wood grain

Deana 33” Wide Bar Cart by Allmodern

Crisp minimalist

Ginnie 20” Wide Circular/Round Bar Cart by Williston Forge

Stylish simplicity

Viper Storage cart by Viper

Workshop chic

A good salon cart is a vital part of every stylist’s workspace, so if none of these catch your eye, here are three brands we know and love. You might just find the perfect fit through one of these cart and trolley searches:

Happy shopping!

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