Inside Katsuya Kamo’s house on The Selby is in your place

We profiled the work of the incredible Katsuya Kamo a little while back on salonMonster.  His incredible styles just make our jaw drop, they are truly inspiring works.

So, we were beyond excited when The Selby is in your place posted photos from their visit to his home in Tokyo.

I’ve always been a fan of Japanese architecture and Katsuya’s house is no exception.

His art and bug collection is incredible.  The way he has hung them from floor to ceiling and wall to wall is beautiful.

© The Selby

His workspace has a beautiful meditative quality.  I would love to spend some time creating in it.

© The Selby

The placement of a swing in his home is so whimsical and hit in my book.

© The Selby

And of course his dog is adorable!

© The Selby

Make sure you check out all the photos at The Selby is in your place.



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