salonMonster gets an upgrade

We’re excited to announce our latest upgrades to salonMonster. As of today your salonMonster account will include these nifty new features:

Support for book-backs / split appointments.

This includes a switch to duration from start and end times (meaning choosing the length of an appointment instead of selecting a start time and  end time when booking from within the salon calendar.)

Appointment status setting. Now you can mark no-shows and completed appointments.

Embeddable version of client booking page, which means instead of clients being redirected to your salonMonster booking page, you or your Web developer can place your booking page directly into your pre-existing Website!

A “cost” field for each appointment that will keep a basic record of your subtotals.  Especially useful with our upcoming reporting feature.

Named phone number fields (home, mobile, work), with extension support. Phone 1 will automatically be set as mobile phone and Phone 2 as home phone. If you want to set this up differently for your salon, just contact us and we’ll be happy to do that.

Client note indicator on staff calendar so you don’t miss important messages from clients.

“Referred by” and “Birthday” fields for each client.

The ability to label your time off.

Vacations and breaks are now marked on the salon’s calendar in grey to prevent booking confusion.

If you have questions regarding these new features or any of the other features of salonMonster please feel free to contact us anytime!

We want to be your favourite Monster,

The team at salonMonster


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