Hair Ads That Make You Do a Double Take

Hair Ads That Make You Do a Double Take

We love a great ad, especially when it involves hair! Check out these hair ads that will make you stop in your tracks. 

Exposed & Elevated

What a clever way to advertise hair replacements! Witty and subtle, this is such a brilliant promotion from Folliderm.

Hair replacements elevator ad.

Superior Hold

Talk about graphic proof of holding power, this showcase from Bench really grabs attention – and hair! 

Proof of a strong hold with a lizard on his head.

Stability Handle

Johnny Andrean knows how to subvert our expectations by using an object we all know to demonstrate stability. No way to miss this, with its punch of bright red against the neutral white, black and grey.

Stability handle on the train.

Sunset Hair

A perfect marriage of concept and image, the sky does the talking for this Koleston hair color product. Simple and evocative.

Sunset hair for the perfect hair color.

Door Handle

Pantene really wins for their bounty of unique and clever ads. 

Pantenes braided door handle

Trucker Ponytail

Pantene with yet another surprising image that tells a story.  

Pantene's trucker ponytail.


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! Made you look, right? To demonstrate their no-break product,  Pantene had professional climbers ascend this massive braid in Toronto.

Pantene's Rapunzel.

Strong Hair

We get it immediately in this ad from Malaysia: your hair will be THAT strong when you use Pantene done by Grey.

Your hair is that strong with pantene.


Pantene shampoo between escalators in Shanghai China. No need to say “silky and long” when the picture says it so well. A standout ad. 

Escalator hair with Pantene

Split Ending 

Looking at this ad, you can’t NOT think of split ends and how Pantene helps prevent them. 

Split ends prevented with pantene

Knotted Fiasco 

Pert got it right in this boldly simple ad. You don’t want your hair scared, do you?

Stop the knotted fiasco.

The Head & Shoulders 

Head & Shoulders took the iconic Mona Lisa and made it tell their story. You’ll see no dandruff from this view. 

Iconic Mona Lisa with Head and Shoulders

Dandruff prevention

Problem and solution all in a single image! This clever “salt shaker” shows us what we don’t want (dandruff), while containing an anti-dandruff shampoo. So clever! Pantene, of course. 

Dandruff be gone, with pantene.

We hope you enjoyed these hair ads as much as our team did!

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