Taking our vision for granted.

Children leading adults with river blindness

Children leading adults with river blindness

I’ve been reading a great travel book called “To Timbuktu for a Haircut” by Rick Antonson, the CEO of Tourism Vancouver. It’s fascinating to read about his travels in Mali, it’s such a different world to here in Vancouver.

Last night I was reading a section talking about the ravages of river blindness (Onchocerciasis) on the rural Malian population and it got me thinking. I totally take my sight for granted. Working in an industry that revolves around visual aesthetics I would be totally screwed if anything happened to my sight.

So, we had a quick look online and came across a few different charities that appear to support efforts to eradicate river blindness. We ended up deciding to SightSavers.org a group that works to eliminate preventable blindness and seems to be well recognized in the charity community.

We just wish we had more $$ to donate to these sorts of causes, so maybe you can help. Think about how lucky we are to have won the “ovarian lottery”, being born in the western world and maybe give that $30 you had for some drinks at the bar tonight to help give someone the gift of sight, or some other cause that rings true to you.


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