The Case for Less Toxic Products

I was recently sent a link to an awesome video on Dr. Frank Lipman’s website that is a spoof game show all about toxic beauty products. We in the beauty industry should keep this video in mind when selecting the products we will use on the general public. Here is the intro paragraph that Dr. Lipman wrote for the video, read and tell us what you think of the video.

“When you’re brushing your teeth, changing the little one’s diaper, and putting on deodorant in the morning, are you thinking about the chemicals in your toothpaste, your diaper cream, your shampoo, and your lipstick? These chemicals have been linked to cancer, birth defects, infertility, and a long list of health concerns. Are you tired of trying to look pretty without poisoning yourself?  Watch this excellent video … Try to Look Pretty Without Poisoning Yourself!”


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