Are those shoes made of hair?

Designers Nicole Goymann and Christoph John have created decorative shoe pieces that may look like hair but are actually made from deconstructed silk worm cocoons!


silk shoe 1


The two designers named this the Lei Zu Shoe Collection after the Chinese empress who invented the silk reel.


silk shoe 2


The appearance of hair strands is created by using fine threads of silk wet down and then shaped into these beautiful shoe designs. Natural silk glue hold the strands together until they dry.


silk shoe 4


Nicole and Christoph hope to create wearable versions of these silk shoes in the near future but in the meantime we can look on in awe at their creative talent!


silk shoes multi



Photos: Dezeen


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  1. KarenDavid123 wrote:

    Great Work.
    Beauty @its best.

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