Winter White Salon

© Malgorzata Pstragowska

I’ve come across sets of photos of this crisp winter white salon from Poland twice this year and thought it was about time I posted it to the blog.  (First seen as a 3d model at Dezeen and then in real life at ArchDaily)

Designed for Bartosz Janusz by moomoo architects, the space was inspired by the angular lines formed by the pieces of cut hair that fall upon the floor of hair salons.  I like the white backdrop as a canvas for the colour hair.

The mirrored columns act as both cutting mirror and storage space for your tools.  From the plans it looks like it is setup with six chairs.

© Malgorzata Pstragowska

The salon also acts as a gallery for Polish fashion designers, with display space cleverly hidden behind a full height curtain.

It’s interesting to see the small changes between the 3d rendering and the final result.

Check it out as a 3d model at Dezeen and then in real life at ArchDaily

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