Are There Toxins In Your Cleaning Products?

Because we can’t all live in a world of titanium dioxide coated wonder-fabric that cleans itself, there comes the battle of the cleaning product aisle. Phthalates, Ammonia and Chlorine seem common and while harmful have become a large part of our lives. “Ninety-one percent of the population applies 300-million pounds of these poisons annually, often indoors. City dwellers use more chemical per acre than farmers and spend more than 1-billion annually” Read more to find out what’s lurking in your cleaning products.

Going homemade is easier than you think with the help of white vinegar, baking soda, castile soap, lemon, essential oils, olive oil. Buying green locally couldn’t be easier, but beware of “green washed ” products by remembering some key ingredients to avoid.

Or, you could always make your own hazmat suit.


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