Garance Doré

So we told you about Scott Schuman The Sartorialist. Now it’s time to introduce you to his better half Garance Doré.

Garance is an illustrator and fashion blogger with an enormous following. She receives close to 50 000 hits per day on her blog and when I checked it just a short while before writing this, her most recent post from just a few hours earlier had already received over 200 comments!  She is an incredibly fun writer, talented illustrator, accomplished photographer and an all round cool French woman.

Check out this video that Garance Doré Studios shot at an Alexander Wang show in 2010.


Liam Shea

Liam : Liam is well-established in the Vancouver salon scene, with over ten years in the industry. He was lucky enough to train with some of Canada's top, award-winning stylists at cutting-edge salons.

Liam lives for good people, food, wine, film, travel, art, ideas, politics ... in short, for la dolce vita.

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