Viktor Leske International

Viktor Leske International is the design creation of architect firm Karhard Architektur + Design. Located in Berlin, this salon embodies the minimalist qualities I love.

reception area

Beautiful curved steel framed mirrors drop from the ceiling hanging above sleek concrete floors. These dramatic steel structures act as dividers between the two stations.

cutting station


ceiling mirrors

Glass panels light up the hair washing area which is located up a short flight of stairs. These lights are programmable LED’s so the mood can be changed as often as you wish.

steps up to washing area

lights at washing station

I really enjoy all the different personalities that are reflected in salon design – from sleek minimalistic spaces to cozy quaint beauty parlours, I love them all!

If you work in or know of a fun and well designed hair salon or spa, let us know, we’d love to share!


Photography is by Stefan Wolf Lucks

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