Twin Shadow’s Clean Cuts Tour

Wednesday night we were lucky enough to have the musician/band Twin Shadow stop Vancouver to play a show at the Biltmore.

We’re long time Twin Shadow fans and have posted about his albums before on this blog. George Lewis Jr (aka Twin Shadow), has fantastic style, is always rocking great hair and is a really nice guy to boot.

When he named his current tour Clean Cuts, we thought it was great, but when we saw his posters and t-shirts for it we were blown away. Riffing on the theme of hair he created 25 different haircuts, 1 for each city on the tour. They are amazing!

Here’s a shot of “The Vancouver”, which is strangely similar to the cut I’m sporting right now.

He was kind enough to let us snap a quick photo of him backstage after the show:

We were impressed to find out he even made his fantastic t-shirt himself!

Their performance was amazing!  Keep on rocking George.


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