Nancy Boy – The Real Deal

One of my favourite discoveries while visiting San Francisco years ago was Nancy Boy, found in the Hayes Valley neighbourhood. Nancy Boy is a fantastic store that creates their own line of body products without any of the bull.

Their no nonsense approach is refreshing and their products are mighty fine.  They don’t use advertising gimmicks or cheesy marketing campaigns to sell their goods, the amazing products speak for themselves.

Favourites in our house are their shaving cream (my husband swears by this), shampoo and conditioner.  Any time we’re back in San Francisco, we stop by their shop and stock up. The retail shop is gorgeous and beautifully decorated with danish modern pieces and ceramics. If you don’t live in the San Francisco area, they have a great online store.

With more than 85% of their products made from all-natural ingredients and their “Tested on Boyfriends – Not Animals” approach, what’s not to love!  The products are even made nearby in Berkeley.

Nancy Boy is a refreshing company with products that live up to your expectations.



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  1. Nancy Boy is one of my two favourite shops in San Francisco. As you say the products are amazing, and so many of our friends are converts now. We actually get together every so often to do one international order between us to split the postage costs now.

    Also this is one of the nicest stores, as in the look, merchandising etc of it. I often talk about it when talking to Salon Owners about the importance of merchandising retail display areas and the importance of showing off your products.

    Another little secret about this shop – just up the road Christopher Elbow chocolates. The Salted Caramel turtles or Rosemary Chocolates are just divine. Make for the perfect night in, Nancy Boy products for the bath (including candles) and some Christopher Elbow chocolates!

  2. stephen wrote:

    Oooh, Christopher Elbow chocolates looks great. We’ll have to check them out next time we’re in town!

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