Angel Hairs for Kids and Cuts for Cancer

Angel Hairs for Kids and Cuts for Cancer are two fantastic charitable programs focused on providing natural hair pieces to cancer patients at no cost to the family.

Angel Hair for Kids™ is part of A Child’s Voice Foundation™ run out of Toronto.  Their goal is to help improve the self esteem and self image of kids so they can face their fight with cancer with confidence.  So far they have provided wigs to over 150 children.  They accept mail-in donations of hair that is greater than 10 inches in length, tied in a ponytail, clean and has never been in contact with the floor.  It takes 10-12 donations to make just one wig.

Cuts for Cancer is run out of the University of British Columbia.  For over five years they have been accepting long hair donations at their annual cutting day at UBC where people get sponsored by family and friends to donate their tresses.

What does your salon do when a client cuts their long hair off?  Why not offer them the chance to donate their ponytail to someone in need.


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