Easy to Remove Price Stickers, Please!


One of my biggest peeves when purchasing a product is when the pricing label doesn’t easily peel off.  I know this may sound finicky, but since I like to display my products (because I’m a sucker for great packaging), I always remove their price tags before placing them in the shower or on a shelf.

What I’ve found is that most companies use price tags that are near impossible to remove!  I end up soaking the bottles or painstakingly scratching the labels off.  Don’t get me started on the labels that simply won’t budge, these ones don’t do very well in the shower as they gradually melt off over time, gross.

So please, if you’re ever in the position of putting the price tags on products, pick those nice labels that peel off easy and clean! Even better, remove the price tag for your customer after they’ve purchased product.  They’ll thank you for it!



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