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A few years ago a started suffering from dandruff, so I started using various chemical based dandruff control shampoos. They helped a bit, but never really completely eliminated the problem. Then my wife suggested that maybe it was all the chemicals they put in many shampoos these days that are causing my problem. I first tried a popular bee/honey based shampoo, and right away my dandruff was gone and my hair was much healthier. Then, a few months later I noticed the bottle had changed which prompted me to read the ingredients again. Sure enough the “bee” shampoo has now added sodium presumably as a cheap way to thicken the product. Soon after using this new bottle I started having dandruff again, which was good and bad, at least I had narrowed it down to the added sodium which was causing me the problem. I’ve since switched to using Kogi Naturals shampoo, which has all natural ingredients and no added sodium. I’m super happy with their product, now I hope they don’t change it.

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