Blown away

I was totally blown away by this cool bright yellow hair dryer chandelier that I came across on  They said it was from a salon but didn’t list which one, so I started doing a bit of digging on the inter webs.  I tracked it down to The Dry Bar, originally from Brentwood California, but now sporting 12 locations!

They have put together a truly wonderful brand identity from their logo and printed material to their interior concepts.  The use of yellow as a unifying element is so happy and punchy.

Their slogan is “No cuts. No colour. Just Blowouts.” and they seem to have some serious fans.   For $35 you get a wash and a blowout while watching their featured movie at their bar.

The yellow mirrors in the washrooms look amazing.

And the customer waiting areas look very stylist and comfortable.

Best of all I think they have a picture book “menu” of services that clients can peruse to pick what they’d like done.  Genius.

All in all, they look to have put together a beautifully thought out concept.  Great work!



Originally hailing from the antipodes, Stephen has a long standing interest in the design and beauty industry.When not in front of the computer Stephen can be found running with the bears on the mountain trails around Vancouver Island.

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  1. KenNo Gravatar wrote:

    Great looking salon!

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